Thursday, August 8, 2013

Digger Book

When my babies were babies I bought them a box set of books. There were First Words (Cup, shirt, kitty, girl, etc.), Colors, Animals, and Trucks.
It's funny, because my boys have gone through liking each of the books one at a time.
First they liked Animals, because it's like 20 pages of pictures of animals. What's not to like?
Then First Words, mostly (I suspect) because they liked being able to flip through the pages and yell, "Chair! Truck! Puppy!" when they saw things they recognized.

Now we're on to Trucks.
When I got the box set, I seriously thought "What a waste. This truck book is dumb. This book is for Dads who are worried that their sons are gay, so they can force them to look at pictures of machines."
I almost gave the book away.
But I couldn't.
I experience severe pain when parting from books, even stupid ones.

So I stuck it at the bottom of the boys' book basket to wait.
And two long years later, that book is the star of our household. That book is the bedtime, cartime, all the time story. It is fought over constantly. It is poured over for 20, 30 minutes at a time.
(And if you've ever met my children- or any two year olds- you know it's a BIG DEAL to sit still for that long.)

It is studied, and then copied, and about 10 times a day one of my kids runs to me holding a scribbled-on piece of paper and shouts, "A picture DIGGER, Mama!" Because he drew a picture of a digger, and I need to clap my hands and cry "Wow! That looks just LIKE a digger!"

Grey is pretty into the book, but Micah is obsessed.
Micah reads it to me every day.

And I've wanted to capture the pure nonsense, un-understandable list of trucks in the "Digger Book" as performed by Micah.
So here you go:

And, for real, those are words and I can (mostly) understand him.
Ain't Motherhood grand? You learn new languages!

Also, a note: This was an unsponsored post. We just love {that dumb truck book.}

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Carol said...

Too Cute!!!

Carly said...

My son is 18 months and he loves that exact book too!

Sarah said...

What a great idea to record that moment!