Friday, August 9, 2013

Seven Canyons

So (apparently) Salt Lake Valley is surrounded by mountains, including seven different canyons, each with their own little rivers. One of our favorite parks in Salt Lake City is Liberty Park which includes a mini replica of the seven canyons and rivers surrounding the city (in so much as hills, boulders, and cement troughs full of water can be a replica of a mountain).  
The boys call it the "Water Park" and it's the best water park we've ever been to! It's like a splash pad for nature-long toddlers. There are rocks carved into tiny staircases with waterfalls flowing over them. There are bubbling little fountains at the peaks of each "mountain." There's a two-feet deep pool that all the rivers eventually run into. 
And everywhere: trees, rocks, pinecones, and dirt. 
It's the perfect urban forest for my little mountain men. 
We go several times a week and I always have to pull my children away with the promise of stopping to look at the digger in the parking lot.
Slowly, as we find our way around this city, we're discovering all the free places that we love to play. Want to come with us? We love playdates! 

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Anonymous said...

Where is this at? Next time we are SLC I know my boys would love to go there!

Unknown said...

OOO us us please. We loved going the first time. Also did you have any pics of the boys that turned out from that? Well we are coming up again to go!

Aimee @ Like Mother Like Daughter said...

We went to liberty park about a month and a half ago and 7 canyons was under construction. I was so disappointed. Glad its up and running again

MARCIE said...

That park looks great! I love the boys sitting in holes. They look darling and so happy.