Friday, September 27, 2013


Well, if our first trip was as horrible as possible then our return trip was as smooth as possible.
I didn't even have to sit with my kids! I could just pretend I didn't know that handsome man and his
noisy toddlers, except when they turned around in their seats and shouted, "HI MOM! I LOVE YOU!"

The seats were in rows of 3, and we decided that if the boys and Travis sat together in their little best-friends-club there would be less climbing over strangers to see what their brother is up to.
And we were right! Sadly, my children are totally content to be with their dad and mostly ignore me. I try not to be jealous. (It's easier when it means that I can sleep and read without being bugged.)

We had one short flight, which was perfect and consisted of coloring and eating candy, followed by one long dark flight in which my kids SLEPT THE WHOLE TIME.
There was no crying, puking, or nakedness. It was all good.

Several people have complained lately that I have not been returning calls or emails or texts, to which I respond: I've been on vacation. But now I am home. I will try to rejoin the world.
Until then, here are some phone-pictures from our glorious trip to the Atlantic ocean.
It really was perfect. On warm days, we walked to the beach. On cool days we biked to the woods.
And when we were bored of that (never!) we visited aquariums and lighthouses.

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MARCIE said...

This post makes me feel like I was there with you! Really wonderful photos and we savor every memory. Love you all so much!

Crump it up! said...

That place really looks amazing! What town is it? I'm thinking of heading back east next spring.

Lana said...

Uhm, I want that quilt.

Lauren said...

Ahh, so beautiful. I wish I had been there with you. What a perfect trip. :)

Casey said...

Oh my gosh, CUTE!! I'm glad the flight back was so amazing!

Unknown said...

So glad you guys made it home safe and sound! You deserved an easy flight--so funny about the "best friends club" and you pretending to not know them. I hope when you get a chance you find my email that I sent a few weeks ago!