Monday, September 30, 2013

Photo a Day: Sept 22 - 28

Well, we're home. We began the week in sunny Virginia Beach, and came home to see-your-breath cold. I'll admit it. That first day home, I just kept thinking, "Fall isn't normally quite so cold, is it?"
But now it's warmed up a little and we get the perfect fall combo of chilly wind and warm sun. 

Sun Sept 22: Micah and Grey playing with Grandma.

Mon Sept 23: At the aquarium with Daddy.

Tues Sept 24: Climbing trees.

Wed Sept 25: Checking out Poseidon. // Thurs Sept 26: Micah swinging.

Fri Sept 27: Freshly picked apples. // Sat Sept 28: Playing in the bounce house with Grandma.

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