Friday, September 13, 2013

Leaving, on a regular plane

Tomorrow night, at 11pm we are headed to the airport with our two year old sons.
Because we're crazy.
Really, it's because we're poor and the 1am to 9am flight to Virginia (yes, you read that right. SEVEN HOURS flying time and one cheerful layover at 4am) was half the price of a daytime flight.
But I think we've probably made up the price difference in my fearful compulsive spending.
I am so panicked about this flight.
I go to Target and wander around with this terrifying train of thought screeching through me: " Okay, it's 3am and the boys are exhausted but won't sleep. They're screaming. I'm exhausted. So I pull out of my bags... Candy necklaces! Tiny diggers! Tractor sticker books! Animal crackers... NO! Frosted animal crackers!
Really, what they're going to want all night long is milk. Oh man. Do planes have milk? And will they give each of my kids a gallon?
The thing is, we would go through a gallon or more in that time, if only we could get it through security.
I suspect they'll let the boys each take... A cup.
One. Cup.
That is not enough.
Okay, just writing this post is making me panic again.
But hopefully I'll be back on Monday, writing from the East Coast- and none if us will be dead or traumatized.

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Unknown said...

For what it's worth, most airline people are VERY lenient when they see you traveling with twin toddlers. You can pretty much take as much juice/milk as you need. If I were you I would take 2 insulated sippy cups that have frozen solid milk and 2 that have very cold milk. Give the cold milk first and then by the time you need the other sippies it will hopefully be thawed. We travel by plane a lot and once you're in the air it's pretty calm--it's the airport waiting and sitting on the Tarmac that suck.

MARCIE said...

I don't know about the above comment--bringing milk through security. But do bring empty sippy cups for sure. It will be fine Becky. The flight attednts will be nuts for them.

Jena said...

You probably won't see this before you head out, but just in case...We bought a small little lunch bag thing (I guess it's somewhat of a cooler/insulator) and filled it with two bottles (you could do more). The bottles have to be empty when you go through security. Once through, you can go to the shops and buy little meadow gold bottles of milk. We put them in the cooler, then took them out, one by one, during the flight when our baby needed milk. It worked great! Good Luck!

Oh, and here's a link to the kind of cooler/lunch bag that we got at Walmart:

Unknown said...

FYI: the cups/bottles do NOT have to be empty when you go through security. We just flew last month and brought two 10 oz bottles of milk on the plane with us, along with some juice. They just open the cups and stick a paper in to make sure there are no bomb chemicals in that milk...

Bonnie said...

Oh man, you're already in the air (or landed) at this point. It looks like your other commenters have given good suggestions, probably better than mine which was...dry milk? It sounds gross to me, but maybe your kids would think it was better than nothing. Then you could get the flight attendants to bring you water and mix up some powdered milk...mmmmm...

I totally feel you on the crazy time for flights. We always end up having to leave home at 3 am to make the cheap flight, because apparently 100 bucks is worth the pain of waking up our toddlers in the middle of the night...