Monday, September 23, 2013

Photo a Day: Sept 15 - 21

Vacation! Vacation! Vacation! 
I don't really have time to chat, my friends. We're off to the aquarium, to hopefully pet some sting rays and tickle a turtle. 

Sun Sept 15: Micah in the sand. // Mon Sept 16: Headed home again from the beach.

Tues Sept 17: Off on a bike ride through the State Park that borders one side of my grandparents house (on the other side is the ocean, people.) 

Wed Sept 18: Love this picture of my grandparent's house.

Thurs Sept 19: Building a Marble Raceway with Grandpa.

Fri Sept 20: We still go to the beach, even if it's raining. // Sat Sept 21: Travis is back from work, and I love it!

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Elizabeth said...

I love the picture of you and Travis. You guys are adorable!

Casey said...

I agree with Elizabeth. TOO CUTE!!