Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bus Trucks and Little Boys

Here is a collection of iphone pictures of my children, and an unrelated story. Happy Tuesday, my friends.

We have invented a song in our car, which we sing all day. (Although, lately it is being thrown-over for Five Little Pumpkins, and I'm a Mean Old Witch. Halloween, you know.)

The song started as "The Wheels on the Bus," but the boys wanted it to be a song about a digger.
"The digger arm scoops up the dirt, scoops up the dirt, scoops up the dirt all through the town!"

Then they yell out trucks. And we make up verses.

The garbage truck picks up our trash.
The fire engine goes wheeeo-wheeeo-wheeo!
The steam engine goes choo-choo.
The school bus drives the kids to school.
The cement mixer goes whooshy-whooshy-whooshy.
The airplane goes brrrrr-brrrrr-brrrr.
The dump truck dumps it out.
The crane picks up heavy loads.
Half of them are goofy sounds and half are semi-accurate descriptions.

Lately, Grey has been requesting "The Bus Truck."
I usually sing the school bus or wheels on the bus verse, but it makes him mad.
"BUS. TRUCK." He says angrily. "Sing Bus Truck, Mom."
"That's not a thing," I say. "Should I sing dump truck? Or city bus?"
"No! Bus Truck!"
For some reason, I couldn't bring myself to make up a verse for a fictional vehicle.
Travis came to the rescue with this gem: "The Bus Truck buses it up, buses it up, buses it up. The Bus Truck buses it up, all through the town!"

Grey was very pleased, and followed it up with a request for Grey Bus, then Micah truck.
Ug. I have a really hard time with those pretend trucks. I had a hard enough time with "the cement truck goes whooshy."

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