Monday, October 14, 2013

Photo a Day: Oct 6 - 12

Hey friends! Well, we are in the lovely Nevada with my parents now. (FYI: I would rarely call Nevada lovely, except that they're right by Lake Tahoe, and it's pretty much amazing here.)
I'm sad that we're going to miss the Month of Fun at home, but at least we get to be here with my parents and sibling for October.  
Yes, that's right. We're here for the rest of the month! Travis is on a cross-country road trip from here to New York, followed by a trip to Sweden, Germany, and Singapore. He won't get back until Halloween (he was told that he couldn't miss that delightful holiday), so we're here until into November! 
Lots of other family is visiting too, and we spent most of yesterday in a cabin in the woods with all our cousins. Fun, fun, fun! 
(Although the road home was less fun, since winding mountain roads in the dark always tend to lead to carsick children and vomit. Seriously, my kids throw up so much, and always in the car or their beds.) 
Please enjoy this explosion of fall: 

Sun Oct 6: Micah enjoying a chilly walk. // Mon Oct 7: My favorite family pictures yet!

 Tues Oct 8: Seriously, Grey. He's killing me with cuteness.

Wed Oct 9: Fall leaves! // Thurs Oct 10: Welcome to Tahoe!

Fri Oct 11: Micah and Uncle Jack play with our garage sale Robot. // Sat Oct 12: Grey trick-riding on his motorcycle. 

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Anonymous said...

If you have time on your trip back stop off in Elko and go South to Lamoille, The Ruby Mountains are beautiful this time of year!