Monday, November 4, 2013

Photo a Day: Oct 27 - Nov 2

Well, we're home now from our long trip. 
When we got home on Friday, Micah ran into his room and squealed in delight. "Oh, look! Mine own bed! Look, Grey! Twinkle lights up in mine house!"
Every familiar thing was a delight to him, and to all of us. Our own beds? All the books and toys and clothes were exciting again after a month away from them. 
It's nice to be home. Editing pictures on my own computer. Freaking out about how gross my dusty bathroom is. Determining to clean and organize my desk this morning. 
Even though, I'm probably too tired and won't be able to do it. 
As you all know now, I'm pregnant. (!!!!) Which is why I get to take a nap every day when the boys nap.
However, my housework is falling quite behind. I am in especially awe of working moms lately, since I am here all day and still can't manage to wash clothes, the bathroom, and get dinner on the table. That two hour break from the boys in the afternoon is so necessary! 
I have to do everything while they're awake (it's only 10 am, and I just managed to get the third load of laundry for today into the washing machine), but then I'm even more exhausted by naptime! 
Ah well. 
At least I have a crockpot, so I can start dinner in the morning when I'm still (kind of) full of energy. And I have two little boys anxious to help, even if they usually make more of mess than they manage to clean up. 

Sun Oct 27: Snow! Grey was pretty distraught by the way it stuck to his boots. // Mon Oct 28:Sad Micah as a mouse. 

Tues Oct 29: The facepaint (again. And every day.) // Wed Oct 30: Little Lumberjacks.

Thurs Oct 31: Happy Halloween! // Friday Nov 1: Home again! And I'm 14 weeks along and already starting to show. 

 Sat Nov 2: This wonderful man's 30th birthday. I love him.
Look how cute he is!

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Bethany G said...

Becky! That picture of you is so cute! You are one hot pregnant lady. :)

Nana B said...

I love your baby bump - can't wait to find out if the boys are getting a brother or sister. Grandpa is looking for cradle patterns, but then how are we going to get it to you? A road trip for us maybe? In time to include Mary's graduation.

Jena said...

Congrats, Becky!!!

Aimee @ Like Mother Like Daughter said...

Oh look how cute your belly is! I'm hoping mine starts to come out soon, but since its my first it'll probably be behind!

MARCIE said...

Darling photos all! Love you guys!