Thursday, January 23, 2014

Conversations with Two-Year Olds

Hmm. Micah looks a little like awkward-teenager Travis in the picture on the right. I foresee years of gawky-goofiness in our future. Maybe it's time for haircuts again...
Over the last two weeks, I've found myself noting down a lot more funny things from Micah than Grey. Micah doesn't speak more, I think he's just been a lot sillier.
In fact, Grey was really sick this last weekend- followed by feeling really good, and I couldn't believe how much he had to say once he was back on his feet!
We were denying him solid food (because he would throw it up immediately), but he kept asking for scrambled eggs. Finally he put his hands on his hips and said (in a very familiar tone) "Alright, you choose then. Eggs or peanut butter and honey?" Then he looked around the room at us with his eyebrows raised high.
After he finally had food in his stomach (and could keep it there), he was so bubbly and sweet. He just sat next to me, talking his head off- requiring almost zero interaction from me.
"I can see your mixer for make cookies, Mom. But it's broken. Let's go downstairs and get Elanor's and make cookies, 'cause I love cookies!"
"Maybe tomorrow," I said.
"It's dark out, 'cause the sun went down. When it goes down, we go to sleep. Then when the sun comes up, we can make cookies! Hurray!"
He also very kindly offered to get drinks for everyone at dinnertime the other night. He carefully filled four little medicine cups (the kind that hold about 2 tbls liquid) with water from the bathroom sink, and set them by our places. He kept encouraging everyone, "Drink your water!" and every time we ran out of water (aka, every other minute), he'd snatch all the cups up and rush to refill them.

Micah seems to have a very strange perception of (and obsession with?) angels. He's been spending a lot of time lately speaking in a very creepy Batman-esque voice, saying "I'm an angel." He creeps around the house muttering in that grumbly voice, "I'm an angel. Angels are naughty." He doesn't really misbehave, he just tries to sneak up on us, or pinch us from behind and then run away cackling.
He also is extremely proud of his new piggy bank. (I'm proud too!) We picked up see-through piggy banks from the dollar store and the boys get coins (whatever we have on hand, since they don't have any idea that quarters are better than pennies) if they stay in bed all night or eat dinner really well.
Every time we give Micah a coin, he holds it carefully over the slot in the bank and says, "Look! I'm saving my money!" before dropping it in. It's pretty awesome. I've also found him sneakily crouched over my purse or change-bowl hoarding coins to add to his collection, which I guess explains why his piggybank is fuller than his brothers'.

I fell asleep in Micah's bed the other night. In the middle of the night, Grey woke suddenly and sat up, shouting, "Let me in! Let me ride the train!"
And Micah rolled over and shouted (while also still sleeping) "Please, let me on the train, too!"
Um. Twin thing? They dream joint dreams?

But enough with this weeks' stories and updates! On to the conversations!

Grandpa: Jack is still sleeping, because he's lazy.
Micah: Whoa! I'm dizzy too! I have to go to sleep.

(We were learning left and right, so I decided to teach the boys the Hokey pokey.)
Micah: I think we should not ever play this game again. Ever. Okay? I think I'll eat some toast instead.

Grey: Hey, you! Everybodies! Did you make this big mess?
Micah: Yes!
Grey: Oh. My. Goodness.

Micah: Baby wants to read this book. Hmm, no. Baby, you not want this one. Yes, I do! Alright Baby. We can read this. Thank you, Micah Daddy! You're welcome.

Micah: Grey, make some dinner. I'll get you a recipe.

Grey: There's a snake in my room. He said, he's going to get my face.

Grey: Is that a train, Mommy?
Me: Yep.
Grey: Please don't talk about the train... Is that a train, Mom?
Me: Uh, yes?
Grey: Shhh. Don't talk.

Grey: Look at my toes! They're big, like grandpa toes.

Micah: Please don't leave. I want everybodies to stay here. I just want to keep you.

Micah: **Puts on a headlamp** Look! I'm just like Dr Who now!

Micah: (Whining) Please sit with meeee.
Me: Speak in a happy voice, please.
Micah: Please sit with me!
Grey: No. A happy voice is like this, boing! Boing! Happy voice!

Grey: Mom, are you feeling sick?
Me: Yeah, I think I'm getting sick like you were.
Grey: **Gathers all my vitamins and prenatals from the bookshelf.**  Here are your medicines. They can help you to feel better.

Grey: Can I have juice, please?
Me: Hmm, someone drank it all!
Grey: I! I and Micah! We drank the juice all gone because I love juice!

**Micah holds out his elbow to me**
Micah: Kiss my me.
Me: What is this?
Micah: Me! My body!

Me: Did you put on your brothers jammies?
Micah: Ha! Yes! I'm Grey now!
Me: I love you, my Grey.
Micah: Noooo. I'm not Grey.
Me: Who are you?
Micah: A boy named Eva.

Me: You need to sit down and eat your dinner.
Micah: No. I need to check my email.
Grey: I have to check my blog!
(Uh-oh. I guess I need to reevaluate how I spend my time! Although, to be fair, I've spent very little time on my phone in the last month. I'm doing what I can.)

Micah: Grey has shoes, I have boots. So I'm bigger.

Me: It's a picture of our family. Who do you see?
Grey: Mom, Daddy, Micah and Big Boy.

Micah: I talked to that old man! I liked him. I love people.

Micah: Look! A digger!
Grey: Diggers are cool!
Micah: Kids like diggers, Mom.

Micah: Get ready to fight some monsters, Grey!
Grey: Yeah!
Micah: We're going to BEAT THEM!

**Micah attacked Grey with a toy dinosaur, after I told him not to.**
Me: You're not being a very good listener.
Micah: I am not being naughty! This dinosaur is being naughty.

Grey: Mom? Sigh, I am not Santa Claus, I guess.

Micah: My name is Micah!
Travis: What's your full name?
Micah: Micah!
Me: It's Micah David Pitcher.
Micah: I not Dave. Just Micah Pitcher.
Travis: What's your full name, Grey?
Grey: Big Boy!
Me: Your name isn't Big Boy. It's Grey...
Grey: BIG BOY! I am Big Boy!

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Ah they kill me, especially imagining Micah being a creepy-voiced angel.