Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Handsome Sons

Grey (above) looks really little and chubby-cheeked for some reason. Micah (below) looks so big- like he's already lanky (which he is.) Isn't it funny how some days, I feel like I can see their baby faces again and some days I get a glimpse into what they'll look like as big kids or teenagers?

I love Micah's cute little smile, and oh. Did you notice his gray teeth? I'm pretty sure they're dead from being slammed into stuff repeatedly. He used to fall a lot as a toddler and always managed to catch himself with his face. If he didn't have a gigantic, purple lump in the center of his forehead at all times, it's only because sometimes his mouth was bloody instead.

Not a lot has changed.  While we were on this walk, Micah kept climbing to the top of snowplow piles and posing. "Take a picture to me!" he kept shouting. My Grey stayed neared me, though. Insisting I hold him or at least his hand. He didn't want to climb, just to collect ice chunks. It's so funny they way they take turns.
Some days (or weeks, or months) Micah is adventuresome, independent, and wild, while Grey needs a little extra support, attention, and snuggles.
And sometimes it's the other way around. Grey wants nothing to do with us: climbing high ladders, meeting new friends, wiggling out of snuggles, while Micah wants to sit with me and talk and sing, keeping away from strangers and new situations.
But then they change again.
All I know is, whatever the day and the mood; regardless of who is clingy and who is brave, which is wild and which is calm, who is naughty and who is nice, I love these sweet boys. I love their differences, their personalities, their very different smiles.
I just can't wait to add another boy to our noisy parade.

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MARCIE said...

Really wonderful photos Becky!