Monday, January 27, 2014

Photo a Day: Jan 19 -25

This week has been both lovely and difficult. Luckily, it's been sunny outside and we've gone on a LOT of walks (despite the terrible inversion), and we've kept busy with friends and family. But the boys have been sleeping really poorly. Like, finally falling asleep at 9:30pm or later and getting up every day by 6:00am, and getting up 5 or 6 times a night between those hours. I have not been getting the rest that I need! Especially since Travis is out of town right now and I'm doing it on my own. After the first couple nights alone, I realized how wonderful and helpful he is - and how desperately I need him home! Not just to get up with the boys half the time (which he does, often more!) but as moral support! I need someone with me at 4:00am when I'm losing my mind! But besides lack of sleep, lack of Travis, and occasional puking (seriously, my kids puke all the time) things have been nice. I guess that mostly sounds bad, doesn't it? Ah well. We're happy anyway. :)

Sun: Micah in the window. // Mon: 25 Weeks along. Or 26? I have a really hard time remembering.

 Tues: Headed out the door with these handsome boys! // Wed: Working on a quilt for Baby Boy!

 Thurs: Exploring.

 Fri: Two little monkeys, jumping on the bed. Luckily, no one fell and broke their head - but I wouldn't be surprised. They're kind of crazy-people.

Sat: We spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa Pitcher, riding ferris wheels, chasing the dog, and having so much fun!

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MARCIE said...

Such a cute photo of Grey resting his head on his grandpa's head. How nice to have them close by!