Thursday, February 6, 2014

Conversations with Two-Year Olds

Above are the only two pictures I managed to take this week with both boys in them. In one, we're all showing off our new haircuts. In the other, the boys are sleeping in my bed. We've "given up naptimes," but that's pretend. Instead we have "quiet time" which usually results in a nap that I wake them up from after about a half hour.
The day above, Micah was really picking on Grey during quiet time. Grey kept coming out of their room, and finally asked, "Can I have quiet time with you?"
We were sitting on my bed together while I read East of Eden and he looked at picture-books, and after about 5 minutes he was asleep.
Micah, now feeling lonely, also wandered in.
"Is Grey sleeping?" he asked.
"I want to have quiet time with you, but I won't go to sleep."
And 5 minutes later, he was asleep too.

Again, above: They fell asleep during "quiet time" after assuring me they wouldn't. This time, they both even managed to tuck themselves into their beds first.
Le sigh. These boys love sleep.

Grey felt the baby kick for the first time, and after a moment of complete shock (and a little bit of terror) registered in his eyes, he whispered, "Wow. That was so... cute!"

Me: What are you doing down there?
Grey: Just resting. It's pretty boring.

Micah: Your baby is bonkers.

Micah: Let's go to Elanor's house?
Me: Just to say hi, not to stay.
Micah: No. To stay.
Me: If you say, "I will come right home," then you can go.
Micah: Okay. I will.... never come home. Bye!

Me: I'm going to set a timer in my head for you.
Micah: NO! Don't set a timer. I took the timer OUT of your head!

(Sometimes I rub Grey's back or hold his hand when he is pooping.)
Grey: Okay. I think I'm going to poop. But this time, don't touch me.

Me: There were triplets at the park today.
Grey: I'm a triplet!
Me: No, you're a twin. You have a twin brother.
Grey: I'm going triple now then.
Micah: I'm coming, too!

Micah: Daddy almost lives at work. I want him to live with us.

Me: What presents do you want for your birthday?
Grey: Dada.
Me: Dada?
Grey: Yes. Dada.
Micah: I want pookoo.
Grey: I want pookoo, too! Dada and pookoo!

Micah: Here's your best Grey, Mama.

Grey: I tooted!
Travis: Does it smell stinky?
Grey: It smells... Happy.

Micah: Grey, you need your Daddy? Perfect! Your Daddy is in Mom's room. Here he comes! Here's your special Daddy, Grey!

Micah: Look! Mud!
Me: Yep.
Micah: It's really yucky mud! I think... I want to go in it.

Micah: Can I get in with you?
Grey: No, you'll wreck my hair.

Micah: I have rocket-boots.
Grey: No! You don't have rocket-boots!
Micah: I do have rocket-boots!
Grey: Only super heros wear rocket-boots.
Micah: I am a super hero, and I have rocket-boots.
Grey: No! Don't say that! You're not a super hero, you're a boy!

Micah: I want a cookie!
Travis: You can have a cookie after you eat your dinner.
Micah: Hmm. I think you're tricking me.

Me: How's your food?
Grey: I'm choking it down.
(Note: THIS expression?! I don't know where he heard it, and actually think he came up with it himself. Since the boys still have a bit of acid reflux, they throw up pretty often if they drink too much milk too quickly. Grey tells me when he's feeling the acid or ready to puke by saying, "I'm choking up." I think he was trying to tell me that he wasn't feeling acid reflux? Or that he was eating despite it?)

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MARCIE said...

Such darling little conversations. Love that Micah thinks Travis is tricking him!