Thursday, February 27, 2014

Conversations with Two-Year Olds

I didn't manage to get a single picture of the boys together this week, so enjoy this oldie but goodie instead:

Yeah. They turn three next week. It's blowing my mind.

The boys do this new thing, where they pretend a photograph or book cover is a movie. They prop up a book and sit and stare intently at it's cover for several minutes at a time. Sometimes they laugh or gasp. When I asked what they were doing, Grey said "Shh! I'm watching this movie!"
They will also ask to look at movie cases in bed instead of books, sometimes. They will stare at the cover of Kung Fu Panda until they fall asleep. It's super weird.

They're also really into  the color of stop lights. They shout out the color several blocks before we get to the next light, shrieking, "Yellow light, Slow Down! Red light, STOP!" Even if there are several green lights before the next red light, they'll shout out all the colors. "Green! Green! Then RED, MOM, You have to stop!"

This week, I also included a couple body-humor gems, which I usually edit out. But I seriously couldn't stop laughing at any of them. Here's to embarrassing Grey and Micah as teenagers! Cheers!

Grey: Whoa! It's cold out. What is my penis doing?!

Micah: Look at that big building!
Me: It's an apartment building, where people live. Like lots of houses all stuck together.
Micah: I could cut it for them, though.  I could cut it with a really big knife.

Grey (to a boy at the park): Please don't be bossy to my special Micah. He's very nice and just wants to climb.

Me: Is there a monster in there?
Grey: Nope. No monsters. There's a ghost in there though. But I think, he's not scary. He's friends with everyone and other ghosts like him!

Micah: Stop crying, Grey. Only Moms and babies cry. Haha, it's pretty awesome. Moms and babies. cry.

Grey: You have breasts?
Me: That's right.
Grey: And when Baby Brother is born... He will eat them?

Grey: Help me take my shoes off!
Me: Will you take them to the basket?
Grey: Nope.
Me: I will help you take off your shoes if you can put them in the basket, okay?
Grey: Okay.
**I remove Grey's shoes, and hand them to him.**
Grey: No! Ha! I tricked you.
Me: Grey! That's not very kind.
Grey: I only kidding. I'll do it.

Micah: Mom, are you really sleepy?
Me: Yes, I am! I was up too much last night.
Micah: Just go to bed. It's okay.

Me: Hey, can I sit with you?
Grey: Ummmm. No. Sorry.

Micah: What's your baby doing?
Me: Just sleeping.
Micah: Does he have a bed with a pillow in there?

**Micah pokes Grey in the belly with a toy.**
Grey: Excuse me! That's not very nice for my baby!

Grey: Mom! Mom! Mom! Come to the bathroom!
Me: Are you finished?
Grey: No. The potty make a noise, and then it stopped.
Me: Okay.
Grey: Now go away again.

**Grey found one of my brother Jack's juggling balls.**
Grey: Hey! You don't live here! Only my toys live here! You live at Jack and Katie's house, in Jack's drawer.

Grey (rubbing my belly): I love this baby, and I not want to hurt him. He misses him Daddy, so Daddy should come talk to him.

Me: When Jonah woke up, where was he?
Micah: In the belly whale, just like the baby in your belly!
Me: Well, kind of.
Micah: You swallowed the baby like Jonah, then you can SPIT him out. Right?

Micah: I feel bad. Grey, be funny to me. Grey, be funny. Grey! Please be funny to me!
Grey: I can't be funny right now.
Micah: Okay. I can't too.

Grey: Does the PU-pu Panda have a baby in his belly like you? (The Pu-pu Panda is the Kung Fun Panda.)

*Spinning his spaghetti noodles around a fork.**
Micah: My noodles are getting dizzy.

Me: You are being a pain in the butt!
Micah: You have a pain in your vagina?

Grey: Dinosaurs have long, long legs.
Me: Yep.
Grey: Like ours!
Travis: Like all of our legs! We have a family of long-legged people!
Grey: Yes, we do!

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