Thursday, March 13, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

They're right. It is the best temple, like a castle. 
Earlier this week, the boys played with a friend from church who they see regularly - but not that regularly.  He was 100% sure that Grey was Micah and Micah was Grey.
He even corrected me and the boys themselves several times when they were called by their real names.
It was really confusing for Grey. He kept saying things like, "No, I not Micah. I'm Micah. Wait. I am not Micah." and "NO! I'm not Grey, I AM Grey."

Micah now enters his own imagination for long periods of time, holding long silly conversations with himself, and his fingers. Each of his hands is an imaginary friend, and the three of them (Micah and his two hands/friends/"boys" talk together all the time.)
The other day, he was in the backseat, talking his head off, and I heard him say (in multiple voices), "I'm peeing in your water! Haha! What? No! I am! There's pee in you water now! I tooted! Ha! I just kidding you! I not peeing or tooting!"
"What are you talking about back there?" I asked.
"I'm talking to myself. Don't talk to me me, Mom." Haha, I get that all day recently.
I'm talking to myself. 
No kidding.

The boys have also both taken to saying, "I ever saw!" at the end of sentences to emphasize what they're saying, whether or not it makes sense. Sometimes it does, "Those are the best cookies I ever saw!" and sometimes... it doesn't. "I'm so hungry I ever saw!" or "You're so pretty I ever saw!"

Travis wants me to explain that, although the boys talk constantly, and we can understand them - they don't really pronounce their words perfectly. Okay. They are three.
So, while the boys examine their new pajamas and shout out the different vehicles on it, they aren't really saying, "Look! A Helicopter! A Fire truck, says Weee-ooh, weee-ooh! And an ambulance!"
What they really said is, "Look! A Hecko-topter! A Pire Tuck says Weee-ooh, weee-ooh! And an aaaan-bance."
But those are especially hard words.

Grey: Whoa! It's too crazy up here!

Grey: Poop is stinky! But pee is nice. It doesn't stink.

Me: We're going to go to the temple later.
Micah: The best, biggest temple I ever seen! Like a castle, Mom! I love it!
Grey: Only Mommies and Daddies go inside, but we can go look at it!
Micah: It's my best temple, it makes me happy!

Micah: Grey! Grey! Grey!
Grey: Yeah, Micah Baby? Haha, I just kidding you. You a big boy.

Micah: Grey!
Grey: Weeooh Weeooh Weeooh!
Micah: Mom! Grey's not talking to me.
Me: He's just making silly sounds. You can make silly sounds, too.
Micah: I don't want to say Weeooh Weeooh.
Me: You can make any silly sound you want.
Micah: Hmmm. I can say, "Mamamama?"
Me: Yeah. That's perfect.
Micah: Mamamamamama! I'm silly!

Micah: What's you baby doing?
Me: Just sleeping.
Grey: Because it's dark outside?
Me: Yep. Time for little boys to go to bed.
Grey: Aaaagggh! I waked your baby up!
Me: Oh no! That's not very kind!
Micah: Shhh, baby. **Rubs my belly**  Okay, Mom. I put you baby back to sleep.

Micah: I so awesome, but I not naughty!

Micah: I love a big ham!

Micah: If I am not obedient, a whale will eat me.

Micah: I have hot lava boots on.

Micah: I'm a lion!
Me: A lion!
Micah: No! I'm an elephant!
Me: You're a what?!
Micah: I'm Grey!
Grey: Hey! No! I am Grey!
Micah: No, I am Grey!
Grey: Stop that. You are not Grey. I am Grey.
Me: I'm very confused. I don't know WHO is Grey!
Grey: I!
Micah: Me!

Micah: Look! The letter to Micah!
Me: I know that kind of looks like a sideways M, but it's actually the number 3.
Micah: Yes! Three! Two! Micah!

Grey: We in trouble? We naughty?
Micah: Yes. But it doesn't make any sense!

Micah: Don't go to school!
Travis: Mom and Dad don't go to school anymore, we went before you were born.
Grey: But I'm borned now!
Travis: Yep.
Micah: And we're big boys, not borned babies.
Grey: But we are borned now, so don't go to school!

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