Thursday, March 27, 2014

Conversations with Three-Year Olds

The boys really like to call people by their formal titles.  If they are introduced to a woman by her first name, they will often start calling her "Aunt."
"Marie is coming over to play today," I will say.
"When is Aunt Marie coming?"
"She's not your aunt, actually. Just Marie."
"I'll call her Aunt Marie."
When they met our friend Tom, they instantly changed his name to Thomas. Recently Micah was looking at a Calvin and Hobbes book and asked me to describe the picture.
"Well, it looks like Suzie is going to get eaten by a dinosaur," I said.
"What will Susan do?!"
"SUZIE is running away, but it's just pretend. Calvin is imagining that he's a dinosaur, but he's really a boy. So she's not really in danger."
"How can Susan escape?!"
Seriously. How does he even know that Suzie is short for Susan or that Thomas is the same as Tom?
They automatically do it with lots of names, too! It's so funny!

Micah has also taken to yelling "Ever!" when I ask him a question (instead of Never.)
So if I ask him, "Will you please come here?" "EBER!"
"Eat a bite of your dinner," I say. "EBER!"
"Did you have fun with your Grandpa?" "EBER!"

Grey: I'm picking flowers to you! I'm picking so many. Here, please don't drop them. Keep them forever.

**Trying to get the attention of a teenage girl dressed in flowered leggings at the mall.**
Micah: Hey! Hey!
Grey: Hey, you girl!
Micah: Hey flower girl!
Grey: Hey! Hey! Blue flower girl! Can you hear me?
Micah: Flower pants! Look at me with your eyes! Hey!
Grey: Hey blue flower pants! Hey! Hey flower girl!
(The girl finally wandered off without noticing my children.)

Grey: Look, I find a really real baby. **Holds up a water bottle**
Me: Wow. I bet your aunt Katie has an actual baby doll you could hold.
Grey: Mm, no. I have this real baby already. **Settles into a rocking chair and rocks water bottle**
I better get up, the rocking could make baby fall. **Moves to a regular chair.**
There, baby. Oh silly. You have water in you, baby. You're all full of water! That's funny! I love you, Baby.

Grey: Can I cut this? **Holds up a newspaper**
Me: Sure.
Micah: No, Grey! It's all letters! Don't cut up the letters!
Grey: I can! **Cuts the paper in half** See, Micah? It's no big deal!

Micah: Hey, guess what! We all live in this cool city now with grandma and papa!

Micah: I have an idea! Let's live in that cool house!
Me: That's actually a prison, so we don't want to live there.
Micah: Yes we do! I want that prison to be my home!

Grey: This my splinter. We can't get it out! But Jesus can do it, when we go to his house. Jesus fixes my owies.

Micah: I can run fast with my shoes. You can only walk slow in your shoes.

Grey: Are you my mother?
Micah: No. Mommy is our mother.

Grey: What's my sandwich doing?
Micah: Nothing. It's just sitting there, waiting for you.
Grey: Nobody eat it?
Grandma: Not unless a mouse nibbled it.
Micah: You have mouses in your house?!

Micah: What's Katie watching?
Jack: I think she's watching Pokemon.
Grey: She is! She is watching Poke-mont!
Micah: I think, Poke-NOT!

Micah: Hey Big Guy, whatcha eating?
Me: Just a roll.
Micah: Why you just eating a roll, Big Guy? Why? Hey! Why you laughing, Big Guy? What's so funny?

Grey: We can do it together, Mother. You are my mother, right?

Micah: Where are we?
Grandma: In the middle of nowhere.
Micah: Nowhere AGAIN?!

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kiwikate said...

I never comment, but I just wanted to say that I read your blog from here in New Zealand, and I live for these posts. So so funny!

Nikki Shaw said...

The formal name thing is so funny! My cousin's daughter is two, and she does the same thing--with her shoes! She has an adorable pair of pink plaid Toms and always requests to wear her "Thomases." :)