Monday, March 10, 2014

Photo A Day: March 2-8

I read once that you can tell what's important to someone by looking at their photographs.
I love that, because I certainly take pictures of the things important to me- and the number of each topic is probably a testament to the level of it's importance!
Family. My home. The beautiful world we live in. Our food. and on down the line.
Because what's most important to me is our average, every day, beautiful life.

But lately, what's the most important to me is sleep. Which is maybe why HALF of the pictures this week are of people sleeping.
Seriously, you guys. I am so sleepy! I love when my family is asleep, and have been encouraging lots of naps. (So that I can also nap.)
Luckily, my children love snuggling (so they'll nap with me) and they got a bunk bed for the birthday, so they're also excited to go to sleep in their own bedroom, too.
Micah thinks it's called a "bonk" bed. Because you bonk your head if you stand up on the bottom or fall off the top.
Good observation, my child. It is certainly a bonk bed at this house.
Although, so far, no serious injuries. Grey has even managed to climb up and down the ladder in the middle of the night to get to the bathroom with a full bladder. I call that impressive.

Sunday: Look at that handsome man, so contently nestled up with my babies. Seriously. There's nothing better in the world. // Monday: Picture by Grey of Micah feeling the baby move. 

Tuesday (mislabeled. Yeah.): Happy Birthday to my happy boys.

Wednesday: Micah is "Digging a hole to baby brother to sleep in. Like a bed, and here is a dirt pillow."  // Thursday: Asleep in his sweet new bunk bed.

Friday: Out for a doughnut date with Grandma.

Saturday: Sometimes, they fall asleep in cute places.

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Yolo Momma said...

Wait...bunkbed? I thought the boys had twin beds. Please do a post on it :)