Monday, March 31, 2014

Photo a Day: March 23 - 29

Being with my parents is awesome, because I pretty much get to lie around all day and be taken care of. My parents and siblings play with the boys, make us food, clean up our messes, and even do our laundry. My mom is the best ever. I'm living the good life. I just get to lie in bed on my phone, Googling what to pack in my hospital bag, rereading old blogposts about washing cloth diapers, and making lists of tasks to be completed before Baby Boy comes. 
Even my photo-a-day pictures were outsourced, and my Dad took about half of them. I love looking through his pictures after they've been out together without me. It's almost like I was there, without any of the inconvenience of actually going. :)

Sunday: Micah's sweet profile. // Monday: Grandpa Chris and Micah

Tuesday: Grey and Micah, swimming with Grandma Polly.

Wednesday: A visit to the Wienermobile. // Thursday: Grey picked a flower for me.  Spring is in the air!

 Friday: Pretty tulips on the windowsill.

Saturday: Grey and Micah with their aunt Katie after her softball game.

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MARCIE said...

That mom of yours is so darn cute!