Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Names in vouge

The boys with their two best friends, Elanor and Eli
It's funny looking at the cycles names go through.
When we announced Grey and Micah's names to our friends and family there were two reactions.
Everyone over a certain age (about 50, I think) hemmed, grimaced, and tried to talk us out of them. They had two arguments: 1. The names are uncommon and no one likes having an uncommon name and 2. They're old man names.
Now we are having the same reaction to Baby Boy's name. The same people who were against Grey and Micah are against this baby's name. In addition to being assured (multiple times) that the baby's name is an old man's name, we also frequently get the question: How did you come up with this name?
Oh, I just invented it. I'm a name inventor.

My grandparents shudder at the names of the boys' friends. My favorite is the older generation's reaction to the name Hazel. I think Hazel is such a warm, feminine, pretty name, and we know a couple little girls called Hazel. But I've been told by several people that Hazel is an old lady name, in addition to it being
A witch's name
A servant's name
And the name of the nosey neighbor.
But I'd never met anyone named Hazel before those little girls, so I think of curly haired three-year olds in sparkly shoes- not someone with pince nez glasses.

We are continuously encouraged to choose a "good solid name" like Joseph or Matthew.
But that's what so many people in my generation are flinging themselves away from. No more Brittanys and Joshes! No more Heathers and Brians!
(We know about a half dozen men named Josh, and it's really starting to confuse my children.)
Instead we play with kids named
and Annalise

Old man names.
Old lady names.  I guess.
But let's be real, the only people I actually know with those names are children. And I love those names (and my boys names).
Even if some of them do turn into the next Jennifer.

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Unknown said...

I get the same comments on our name choices. I have Clementine and Malcolm already, and then for a boy we're thinking Arthur and a girl we have a short list of Evangeline, Adelaide, Rosemary, Daisy or June.

I'm so excited to hear your little boy's name!

Unknown said...

Oh, a few people also told me that Malcolm was a "black" name. These were not family members, but a few customers I had at the bookstore.

faeriequeene said...

I got a lot of negative reactions to my son's name - Lawrence. I didn't care because it's a name I've always loved. My mom has told me repeatedly that she didn't like either of my children's names, and still doesn't, even though the names fit them well.

One issue I have is everyone wanting to call my daughter Sophia when her name is Sophie, and I so often call her by first and middle together that I'm pretty sure she thinks it is her given name sort of like Mary Ellen, except she is Sophie Jean.

Unknown said...

It's the 100 year cycle- so imagine in 70 years when people are wanting to call their kids Rebecca, Erin, Julia etc (just some common names of friends my age)and we'll think they are old lady names lol.

It's funny how I mentally draw the line at some though, some sound vintage and others just old fashioned..

Grey and Micah are lovely names and I can't wait to hear what you name this new little man :)

Nana B said...

okay - if people ( and what people are they) are commenting on the name you have chosen, you must have told them the name. Why have I not heard what that name is? I feel hurt and left out - boo hoo me! No cradle unless I hear - soon. Your loving, self centered grandma.

Lessa said...

I have a Hazel-- she's 2. I LOVE old lady names. It's one of my requirements when naming my girls.

Polly said...

My name is Joshua Jennifer Heather Michael and I am so offended by this post.

Polly said...

What about Fannie? Has that name come around again?

Rebecca Orr said...

Seriously Polly! I love the name Fannie! my grandmas name is Frances and if we have any more babies, I am totally using the name Frances so I can nickname the baby Fannie. Which is even better because Fanny Brice is my favorite character! Anyone see Barbara Streisand in Funny girl and Funny lady?!?!

My kids are names Lawson James and Alba Rose. Classic family names for their middle names. Unique first names that not too many people have. Although, now that we have named them those names, I am seeing both names more often. At least over here in my corner of NY anyway!

I love the names Grey and Micah. After watching them grow from little babies to walking and talking big boys, their names suit them.

I say, as long as you are not naming your child Pepsi or Santa, to each his own!

Brittany H said...

I am offended by your denouncement of my name, and also your lack of inclusion of my childrens' names. Highly offended.

Emily said...

I have an Alice and an Eleanor. I guess we are raising a generation of grandparents.

Emily said...

I think your boys' names are lovely. I also have a Hazel, which I was guilty of thinking of as an old lady name, but my husband really loved it and I already picked out our other daughter's name so I figured the least I could do was go along with him. It fits her perfectly and I love it. We actually have ended up getting a lot of compliments on her name. If we ever have a third Malcolm and Henry are on our boy lost and Tessa and Clara are on the girl list. I love the older names!

Can't wait to hear what baby brother's name is!

Jocelyn said...

Our daughters are Ellie and Zelda. When we told our parents we were naming our second Zelda, my husband's dad kept going on and on about how it was the worst name and she was going to hate us and had we prayed about it? But they all warmed up to it in the end. :)

Incidentally, our nephews include a Max, an Ezra, and an Everett.

I do think it's interesting how so many in our generation (ourselves included) are turning back to the really old names.

Molly S said...

I love old names! My boys are Saul and Salvador. No one (except my Grandmother) had much to say about Saul, but when we named our youngest Salvador, EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY had something to say ... The first question I got asked was, "Well, what are you going to call him? Sam? Sal? Sammy?" Um, no. We'll call him Salvador, because that's his name. I still get pretty steamed about it. Even people in the grocery store hear it and say things like, "Oh! What a big name for such a little boy!" My husband is legit Italian, and it's a family name. I guess most people in the South just can't handle it. Their loss! I love it.

I seriously cannot wait to hear the name you've picked out. I love the names you love!

Unknown said...

My hubby's name is Attila, so our son is Attila James. It's a family name and we love it! Also our daughter is Clara Marie, which we also love, but I guess Clara is old lady name too? I don't care!