Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Photo a Day: May 18 - 24

After the long weekend, and a date last night with my love - today doesn't feel like Wednesday. I guess it feels a bit like Monday. The weekend is over. 
Luckily, I only have to put up with three days until the weekend is back! It's been so awesome having my husband here more since the baby was born - even though when he's here, he's almost always working. But I prefer to have him working at the kitchen table to working at the office! Although it does confuse our days of the week- since he's here working on Saturdays and Sundays too. 

I'm pretty satisfied with how we've been living lately. Lots of long walks in the sunshine, grilling in the backyard, smelling roses, making new friends, taking lots of naps. 
Babies are best in the springtime. They're just in time to make you slow down and appreciate all the beautiful new life around you. 

Sunday: My handsome baby-daddy has the magic touch. August always falls right asleep in his arms! // Monday: Just a stylish man, out on the town.

Tuesday: Travis bought himself a motorcycle (I think the deal was, "You got a baby, I get a motorcycle."

Wednesday: August and Elanor. // Thursday: We've been playing "Samurai Jack" a lot lately.

Friday: One month old! // Saturday: There's not a belly in the way anymore! We can hug again!

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1 comment:

Lana said...

A motorcycle! It looks good, but why does your husband want to leave you as a widow? :)