Monday, June 23, 2014

Photo a Day: June 15 - 21

I know no one even checks my blog anymore, which is crazy- because on most weeks I still post three times a week! But as I once posted 5 times a week, I guess that makes sense. I'm just a wee bit sad about it. 
Last week I only posted twice, but to be fair - I had a busy week! One of my dearest friends from college has been in town visiting us and any down time that I have has been filled by sitting on the couch together discussing books, church, old friends, babies, and everything else we can think of. It;s been wonderful! If it weren't for the four tiny people always underfoot , I could almost believe that we're back in our old dorm together. 
Except that's not true. I love being in my own home, ("It's such a pleasure to run my own home.") and being able to invite her here - even if all we have to spare is a couch and a playpen. Anyway, here are some pictures from our pretty-dreamy week, and I'll try to post at least twice more this week. Maybe thrice. 

Sunday: Sunday was a busy day! August was blessed in church, and it was Father's Day. I'm so glad that we have this beautiful boy as part of our happy little family!

 Monday: Sometimes I try to wake him up for like forty minutes, and he just snoozes while I kiss and smell him.

Tuesday: Our apricot tree is so close to being ripe! I have plans in the works for 1 million jars of apricot jam.

 Wednesday: Reunited with my besties! // Thursday: Lana brought her mini-me to Utah, and we're all in love with her.

Friday: What's a Friday night without pizza? (A regular, boring night.) // Saturday: My happy bear. (Someday I'll take pictures of my other kids again.) Also, these days are apparently mislabeled.

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Alissa Moghtaderi said...

I'm still here. Reading every post, the day you post it.

Polly said...

Me too! I'm still here.

Unknown said...

Me three :)

Nana B said...

i check every day. also, you can bring some of those apricots to your grandma so that i can make my second favorite jam, raspberry bring #1

Crookedcrochets said...

I check in every day also! Your blog makes me smile

Natalie said...

I'm still here!

Amanda Davis said...

I'm still here AND I caught your Pride and Prejudice quote!

Heather said...

Hey, me too. Although perhaps late. Im so glad I can still read and see pictures of your beatiful family. Your blog is better than facebook anyway. More Becky narative :)