Monday, September 8, 2014

Photo a Day: Aug 31- Sept 6

This week has been good and bad, hard and lovely, bright and tiring. 
My boys have been sick a bit, including August- which always ruins any schedule we might have. The house gets really messy and the meals are things like Mac and Cheese. We stay in our pjs most days (as evidenced by the pictures). And that's how we're feeling today. It's hard to remember if we were like this all week or just the last few days. I think most of the week was good, but I wasn't getting a lot of sleep- so it's hard to remember! That's why I need pictures. Otherwise the days slip by and I don't always even seem to notice them pass or know what day of the week it is. Especially weeks like this one. Weeks where the toilet overflows FOUR times, and I have to clean poop water off the floor of our perpetually stinky bathroom. Weeks where Grey falls out of bed in the middle of the night and wakes me into a state of exhaustion and anger, only to notice that it's only 9:04 pm. So how long have I been asleep in my bed, and why am I so tired? Weeks where my husband leaves for just two days, but seriously it's too hard for him to be gone so much- so we just eat lots of warm cookies and order food instead of cooking. 
But today it is Monday. I am wearing yoga pants, and a lot of spit-up and boogers. Grey and Micah are wrestling in their room (I can hear shouts of "Steamroller!" from here,) and August is here on my lap. His milky puke is soaking through my pants and even my underwear- but I'm not going to change, because that would be my third outfit today and I don't really have the energy to put on puke-free clothes if I'm just hanging out here today without witnesses, especially since I don't have any more puke-free stretchy pants, and I'm just not feeling skinny jeans today. (Also, he puked on my skinny jeans.)
But this week had lots of good bits too. I mentioned the homemade cookies, right? And golden sunshine, cool breezes, lots of long talks with friends, and visits to parks. The boys wore their cloaks a lot, and that's my favorite thing in the world- especially when they yell things like, "Jump Dumbledore! I mean... um, Wizard. Jump Wizard!" (Which wizard are they talking to? Oh. Gandalf. Because they're the best.)  I got to have a few soul-stretching, grace-giving discussions about faith, and beauty and happiness. And I was reminded over and again what a treasure of a husband I managed to snag. 
A dishes-doing, child-wrestling, baby-burping, back-rubbing, house-cleaning artist who is faithful and good and kind in all the best ways. Even if he does throw his socks on the floor- really, really close to the hamper. (Just another 6 inches. You couldn't make those 6 inches? Okay. I forgive you, because you made dinner last night, and then did three days worth of dishes.)
But that's life. Good and bad, up and down, but mostly just silly and boring and lovely. 
The lovely bits look like this:

Sunday: Grey and his Daddy. Travis has been taking the boys on individual "dates" and they love having some special time with just him. // Monday: Micah with his sword and cloak. This nerdy Mama couldn't be prouder.

 Tuesday: They're really, really into climbing trees. // Wednesday: They're also really into August.

Thursday: Three and Half.

 Friday: I just really, really like this little munchkin.

Saturday: Face painting at a friend's birthday party. Micah actually asked to be Spiderman, but the artist didn't understand him and did her own thing. I'm so glad that she did, because it's amazing. Grey asked to be painted with just pink and black, but every time the artist showed him the mirror and said, "Okay. You're done, how does it look?" Grey would raise his eyebrows, and slowly shake his head. "Not done. Keep painting."
So she kept painting. And he looked like a bizarre and amazing tropical bird.

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MARCIE said...

Not done, keep painting. I love it! August is growing his own little face. Glad you felt well enough to write this post. And tomorrow is another day. Love you.