Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Spirit

Whether you are having any trouble getting into "The Christmas Spirit," or if you're already full-throttle Jingle-belling and Hallelujahing - these videos are for you.
Last night for family night, we watched these two sweet Christmas movies on YouTube and I would encourage everyone reading to spend ten minutes today and do the same.

The first is the story of The Nativity. It's the best version I've ever seen portrayed on film.

The second is a good reminder for all of us that Christmas isn't about the parties, the trees, the turkey, or even the gifts. (Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more.)
It's about the Savior. And as many times as we try to tell ourselves that, it's still easy to forget.

And I'm off Facebook, as your probably know. So if there are any awesome Christmas videos that are trendy right now, leave them in the comments. I can always do with an uplift. :)

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1 comment:

Miriam said...

Thanks Becky for posting those videos. You are right, we forget sometimes that this is not about food, presents or Santa. This is much more, is Jesus birthday!