Monday, January 26, 2015

Portraits of My Boys 4

Look at me! I am four weeks in and doing fine! I haven't had to cheat a single time yet and take pictures on Monday morning. And not only that, but this week I'm all heart-eyes over the pictures I got, and (with the exception of August) these pictures were requested. 
"Mom, look! Take a picture of me!" Yes, sir. I definitely will. 
I love my silly, handsome men. I'm a seriously lucky girl. 


"Look at my new hat, Mom! I love it, because it has all the colors and it keeps my ears warm!"


Trying on my new glasses from Warby Parker. His hair naturally parts down the middle like Dwight or JTT, and even though I comb it back to the side a million times a day, it almost always ends up like this again.  Sometimes it drives me nuts, but truth is- I love it. I love the little quirks and individualities of these boys and their "identical" bodies.


My happy, sunshiney boy!

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1 comment:

Polly said...

A your adorable!
B your so beautiful!
C your the cutie I adore!