Thursday, April 2, 2015

Conversations with Four-Year Olds

Sitting outside, I asked Micah "Will you please tell me a story?"
"No," he said, "All the stories I know are too long. I want to say something short."
"Okay, could you tell me a poem then? Maybe, a poem about the grass?"
After a few seconds, Micah began and recited this, the greatest poem every written:
The grass has no idea.
It stays in the ground. 
And when we fall on it
We get hurt, hurt, hurt.

(He walked away to play, and then came back to tell me the rest of his poem.)

Now the grass has an idea.
It decides to grow.
We don't get hurt, hurt, hurt
When we fall on the grass now.

Travis was playing a "finish this story" game with the boys, at one point he said, "Then he met someone, who was..."
Grey: His cousin!
Travis: So they decided to
Micah: Get Married!
Travis: But it's not easy to marry your cousin, so they...
Grey: Went to the temple!
Micah: To get married!

In an interview with their Aunt Tessa (for a college pysch class), they also answered some questions.
What is your biggest regret?
Micah: I haven't played enough with my Daddy, because I love to play with him all the time.
What are you looking forward to the most?
Grey: Getting baptized, because I haven't been baptized yet!
What do you like the least? What's the worst thing that could happen to you?
Micah: Being alone and by myself is the very worst thing.

Grey: Robin and the Joker are getting married.
Micah: Robin can't marry the Joker!
Grey: They have to, Micah! I can't find any girls!
Micah: No! The Joker is too scary for Robin.

Micah: Ooh, this polish is very sparklish!

Me: We always need to put our toys away when we are done playing with them.
Grey: So no bad guys come and steal them?
Me: No, I don't think bad guys want your toys. We do it to keep our home pleasant and clean.
Grey: That's dumb.
Me: That's not dumb, Grey! It's important to have a clean house so-
Grey: No! I mean, bad guys are dumb if they don't want our toys. Our toys are awesome.

**Micah holds up a unopened bill**
Micah: Mom, you didn't read your letter yet.
Me: Can you read it to me?
Micah: Yes. Dear Becky Pitcher, Be cheerful and have a good time. Grey and Micah are the best. The end.
Me: Who's it from?
Micah: Max and Maddalie.

Micah: Why are you here? Are you teachers or missionaries?

Grey: Once upon a time, there was a poor brother and sister who lived in the woods.
Me: What were their names?
Grey: I'm not sure. I'll spell them and you tell me. The girl's name was D-R-E-R-J-H.
Me: So, um, that spells ...
Grey: Sally.
Me: Oh, really?
Grey:Yes, the boys name is H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P. And that spells Morgan. Their names were Sally and Morgan.

Elanor: Let's play that you are Jesus and you are dying, and I am your friend and I cry because I'm so sad. And then, you come back and say, "Don't cry! I'm alive!"
Micah: No. No. No. I do not want to play that game. I don't want to be Jesus dying.
Elanor: You only die for a minute, and then you come back alive.
Micah: But Elanor, Jesus is my real friend and he is in heaven and I don't want to pretend to be Jesus and die. He is my real friend and it might make him sad.

Grey: What time is it?
Micah: My wrist says its 4 o'clock.

Grey: MOM! August said a word!
Me: Oh, really? What did he say?
Grey: He said BATMAN! Now, August, can you say "Gotham City? GOTH-AM CIT-EEE." He is trying so hard to say it!

Me: On April Fools Day we try to trick people. So, I always call and tell your grandpa that I'm pregnant on April Fools Day- even though I'm not really.
Micah: I'm going to tell my dad that I am pregnant on April Fools Day, too! He will think, WHAT?! And I will say, "I tricked you!"

Me: We listen to General Conference twice a year, and the prophet and apostles get to talk to us and tell us about Jesus and remind us to make good choices.
Micah: Then I guess I don't have to listen, since I know all about Jesus and always make good choices.

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Crump it up! said...

I could not stop laughing! Your boys are hilarious!

Robin said...

I was there for Micah's poem! It's like making a cameo on your blog, but it's a secret one. But I still know I was there. Also, I agree with Micah that the Joker is definitely too scary for Robin. ;)