Thursday, May 7, 2015

Conversations with Children

I've changed the title of my post from Conversations with Four-Year-Olds to Conversations with Children, as August is learning words, and even occasionally "participates" in conversations.

This weekend when he and I were out of town and the boys called me on the phone, I asked him "August, do you want to talk to Micah?"
He gasped a little, "Didah!" and hurried to look out the window for his brother, which was basically the cutest thing to ever happen.

Another extremely sweet thing, was when Grey was looking at a pretty bouquet of carnations. He absentmindedly leaned forward to kiss one of the flowers, and then- his cheeks turning pink- looked at me and said (embarrassed), "I kissed that flower. That's silly, isn't it?"
"That isn't silly at all!" I said. "It helps flowers when you kiss them and tell them to grow strong."
He immediately set about kissing each little flower and whispering to them, "Grown tall and beautiful. I love you."
Then, he said, "Look, Mom! There's only one little white flower in all the red flowers. Its name is Sweet Little Blossom Cake. Isn't that right?"
Because he is Anne Shirley.

Grey: I'm thirsty.
Grandma: Of course you are.
Micah: I'm not thirsty. How is that even possible? Huh. Maybe I am thirsty? Hm. I think I am. I might be thirsty. Yes, I think I'm thirsty after all!

Me: Oooooooo.
Micah: What, Mom? What? Is it Halloween already?
Me: No.
Micah: Then why are you saying that Halloween song?

Grey: I'm going to squeeze you so tight like a pancake hug!

Me: Were you hurt or scared?
Micah: I was hurt and scared all mixed up together!

Grandpa: You're so full of crap.
Grey: I'm full of bones.
Grandpa: I think your bones are full of malarkey.
Grey: That's what bones are usually filled with.

Grey: Look at my muscles! I’m so strong, I could beat up the strongest man in the world!
Micah: I’m so strong, I could beat up a giant named Rudolf the Giant!

Me: Are you sure you want to sleep in here alone? Grey is upstairs with Grandpa.
Micah: Yes, then Grey can stop bugging me when I'm trying to sleep.

Micah: Who lives in the mountains?
Grey: Um, Train Mountains. And goblins.

Grey: Excuse me, Jacky.
Jack: Yes?
Grey: Your bones are holding up your meat.

Grey: Ugh! I still smell your farts.
Micah: I haven't farted in here.
Grey: Oh. Excuse me.

Grey: I spy, with my little eye, something blue!
Micah: A sign! Water!
Grey: I'll give you a hint. This blue thing holds clouds in it.

Grey: What are these?
Me: They're sunflower seeds.
Grey: Seeds!? People don't eat seeds. We are not birds.
Me: Sure, we do. Seeds are good for you.
Grey: And they won't grow and turn us into flower people?

Travis: I hear you've been acting badly today. Is that true?
Grey: Probably.

Grey: I see my dad.
Me: Those are sister missionaries.
Grey: and that woman's name is Travis Dad.

Micah: The water is coming up! The toilet is blogging!

Travis: Have you guys been good today?
Grey: Mediocre!

Grey: A garbage man is not made of garbage. He is just made of people.
Me: Really?
Grey: Yes. Garbage mans are normal people, they just have the job of picking up trash. That's why we call them garbage men when they're normal people men, and that is not a lie! It's really real!

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Jocelyn said...

These are the best. :)

MARCIE said...

Mediocre! You used to surprise us with words like that when you were little! Such wisdom from the mouths of babes!