Friday, May 29, 2015

Family Conversations

Micah has been very into his cloak lately. He calls it his "Hobbit Invisibility Harry Potter Cloak" but he mostly dresses in it when he's being a Jedi Knight. So. It's versatile. 

Lately, the little girl downstairs has been toying with the boys' hearts. Once a day (or more) one of the boys comes to me bawling. "Elanor said she doesn't want to marry meeeeee."
When she finally said that she would just marry them both, they were happy and Grey said, "Then we can just love each other like brothers with our best girl, Elanor."
I think what they're really heartbroken over is the idea that Elanor might like one of them more than their brother! It's hard to be twins and have to share and compete for love.

Our friend Josh was reading the boys a particularly boring and asinine book the other night, (Don't buy books written by Disney, based on TV shows. I know this, and yet...) and he started skipping paragraphs, and even entire pages- thinking my kids might not notice, since the story didn't make sense anyway.
But Grey did notice, and after a few minutes he said, "Hey Josh, how about you just follow the words?"

Travis: I broke my nose on the bottom of the ocean!
Grey: Yes, but was it very beautiful down there?

Micah: Uh-oh, Mom! You better do something! Your eyes are getting unbrown.

Me: Excuse me, Grey. What is rule number one at our house?

Micah: Let's play dizzy dizzy dinosaur!
Me: What's that?
Micah: It's my very favorite game! I spin and spin and spin until I'm sick!

(After Travis repeatedly told them not to share a toothbrush.)
Travis: Micah, what toothbrush did you use?
Micah: We decided to keep it a secret.
Travis: I need you to tell me.
Grey (whispers to Micah): Tell him, the yellow one.
Micah: The yellow one.
Travis: Is that true?
Micah: Yes.
Me: Micah, you need to tell the truth- even if you think you'll get in trouble.
Micah: No.

Grey: I'm not a weirdo! I'm just normal.
Me: No one is normal, Grey. Everyone is different, so everyone is weird.
Grey: I'm not! I'm just the same as my dad!

Grey: There's a bump growing on my arm!
Me: No, it's just a scab.
Grey: It's not! It's growing!!
Me: Calm down, it's just a little owie. It's not growing and it can't hurt you.
Grey: IT'S A NIPPLE! A nipple is growing on my arm!

Me: Do you want a drink?
Grey: I'm just interested in my donut.

Grey: How does Jesus make juice?
Me: Well, he makes a plant that can produce fruit and the juice is just part of the fruit. Men squeeze the fruit out themselves and drink it.
Grey: No, I understand that. I mean, how does Jesus make the fruit already have juice in it?

Me: Grey, if we had a little goat, what would you want to name it?
Grey: Alice! And she'd be so cute like baby girl Alice, but she'd be baby goat girl Alice!
Micah: I would name my baby girl goat Nofe!
Me: What if we got an old lady goat?
Micah: Nofe Two!
Me: Two the number, or Too like also?
Micah: Two the number. If we had a boy goat, I would name him Donode.
Me: Donald?
Micah: DON-ODE.
Grey: Wow! Donode is a GREAT name for a goat!

Micah: Hurry up! Go the speed limit of walking!

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Virginia said...

I was wondering, what did you make the "cloaks" out of, do you have a pattern that you used? I tried looking back on your blog to see if I could find that info, all the way to last May but I didn't seen anything. My little boy has been obsessed with capes and I've been wanting to make him one, I really loved the ones that you made. But I didn't know what fabric to use or even where to start. I looked at your Pinterest page and didn't see a pattern there either.

Becky Pitcher said...

Ha! That is because I didn't use a pattern. But I can (kind of) explain how I made them. I measured from the boys shoulders to how long I wanted the cloak to be (like calf-length, at the time) and I made that length the radius of a circle (is a radius half the width of a circle? I think so.) then I cut out two half-circles of fabric (one gray, one green). They were huge and called for a ton of fabric. Now, I probably would have done them in quarters and sewn them together to make a half. I used about a yard and a half of each fabric. (I used Kona solids from Joanns, but you could probably use a cheaper fabric.) I cut out another half circle from the flat top of the half-circle. (Sorry this is so confusing without diagrams.) So picture a giant donut that's been cut perfectly in half. The neck scoop was about dinner-plate sized.
Then I also traced hoods from their sweatshirts (folded in half) and cut out two halves of the hood in each color.
I laid the two half-donuts right-sides together and sewed all the way around except for the neck hole. I made both of the hoods, and did the same (sewed together, right sides together, leaving open the bottom. Then I tucked the bottom of the hood into the neck hole of the cloak, tucked down the neck hole seams and top-stitched them together.
That was a really, really long comment that was mostly gibberish. Hope it makes sense!

Becky Pitcher said...

Also, I didn't use a yard and a half each. I used a yard and a half of each fabric to make both- so you could do it with 3/4ths of a yard of each.
And before I sewed the cloak and good together, I turned them right-side out.

MARCIE said...

Oh I do love their little comments!