Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Portraits of my Boys 22

For weeks it has been rainy and grey. It drizzles on and off all day, then the sun breaks through for a while, and then it thunders at night. Basically, it's been my dream. I love the rain, I love a cool breeze that allows me to wear jeans and a t-shirt comfortably, and (perhaps most of all) I love that Utah has been so green and beautiful! Everything is growing and flowering and lovely.
And then, boom! With a crash of thunder, the beautiful rain disappeared and it was hot. It's too darn hot!
Any temperature above 80 is uncomfortable, any temperature above 85 is about hell.
I am not going to survive this summer.  Oh yikes. Just thinking about it makes me panicky. I can't wear clothes when it's so hot! I can't cook! I can't even read a book, I just need to lie pathetically whimpering on the ground with a fan on me at all times.
That's what I predict. We need to move to Seattle. I understand this. I try to convince Travis that it's time to take ourselves to the PNW all the time, and he comes back with some sort of explanation of how he has a job here, blah blah blah.  Yeah right, rain hater.
But anyway. On to pictures of my beautiful heat-hating children!


He bikes all day. He bikes all night. (He would bike all night, if I wasn't such a mean Mom! I make him do things like sleep, which is pretty upsetting for him.)


You know in old books, how some children had "sickly constitutions?" Yeah, Micah is one of those children. He needs to go away to the seaside for his health. He's sick about once a week. This day, he decided to lie bundled up in the front yard so he could watch his brother play.

 In the last month, August has decided that he loves to read! He wants to look at books all day, and obviously the books he likes the most are the ones where we all make silly animal sounds. I will ribbit and moooo all day if it means we are looking at books together!

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MARCIE said...

I love those crystal blue eyes peeking out of the quilt!