Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Family Conversations

Getting sprayed with the hose in their favorite "swimsuits"

Me: We can go after everyone has dressed and eaten.
Micah: Eaten by what? Eaten by a bear?
Grey: I don't want my mom to be eaten by a bear! Then we couldn't do school anymore!
Micah: Sure we could! If our mom dies, we can do whatever we want!

Me: I'm running upstairs, you guys can stay in the kids section. Here are the rules. 1. Don't leave to come and find me. 2. Don't run and shout.
Micah: 3. Don't get taken.
Me: Okay. Don't get taken, that's true. Now, if you need anything- you can ask...?
Micah: NO ONE.
Me: A librarian or a mom with kids.
Micah: I will say, "Hello. My mom went upstairs. Don't take me. I need help."
Me: Moms won't take you, they know how much work you'll be.
Micah: Okay. That seems safe then.

Me: You have to go to bed in...
Grey: Nine hours.
Me: Fifteen minutes.

Grey (singing): God gave us the whole woooorld, and builders made this house for us! My dad has a job to make money, so we can buy foooooood and not have to staaaaaaarve!

Me: You may go to sleep in my room, but I'm going to move you to your own bed when I am ready to go to sleep.
Micah: And I will wake up and come get back in this bed.
Me: No, you may not.
Micah: Then I will sleep on your floor.

Micah: I want to stay Luke Skywalker forever. Please only call me Luke. Who do you want to be forever?
Me: Becky Pitcher.
Micah: That's boring, but okay.

Grey: Mother! I saw a rat on my journey. It was a fun journey, even though we didn't see any deer- just a rat. We went up a mountain on the motorcycle, and we didn't get out and push we just rode it right up and then we went down the mountain and came back home.

Micah: Oh no! Go tell mom!
Grey: Mom! I accidentally dropped your new toothbrush in the toilet!
Micah: Never mind, it's fine! I got it out!

Me: Let me take your picture, I'm trying to win a new quilt.
Grey: Fine.
Me: What would you do if you won a new quilt?
Grey: I'd rather win a Golden Arrow.

Micah: Mom, you're a little child beastie man.

Travis (praying): We are grateful for thy son, Jesus Christ-
Grey: Hey! That's Him! When Jesus reads this letter, he'll say, "Hey! That's me, they said!"


MARCIE said...

"Eaten by what?" That is so Patch! Grampa says stuff like that all the time. Haha!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh these are awesome! I keep a journal for each of my kids and I love that I (try) to write the funny things they say because if I don't I forget. They love to read them and laugh years later. You're such a great writer!!

Becca said...

So funny about moms won't take you they know how much work you'll be!!! Cute!