Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mud and Water

One of the hardest things about not owning our own house is that we are not in charge of how the yard is allocated. 
Of course, if we owned this house, we could have a chicken coop, a garden, fruit trees, and a fence that isn't in constant danger of collapsing on my children. Ah, but those are but pipe dreams!
My kids would be much less picky with their yard choices. Grass to run in, a tree to climb, and a mud pit to sink into like little piggies. 
So actually, we pretty much have their ideal yard. Our neighbors are currently redoing their front yard, which means they essentially have a yard of dirt. 
And since my kids are almost always holding a hose this time of year... Our neighbors have a yard of mud. 
Grey and Micah take turns. One boys gets to hold the hose, one boy gets to make mud pies.
And then they trade.

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