Monday, July 13, 2015

Portraits of my Boys 28

Travis was gone on a work trip this last week, so we forced ourselves to pack every day full of activities. Luckily, the boys had swim lessons every morning which took care of the first third of the day. Then we filled the afternoons with hikes and visits with friends. If our days are busy, then we don't remember how much we miss him! And everyone goes to bed early, leaving me a little quiet time each evening. The boys currently spend an hour or more (usually more) lying in bed reading after we tuck them in. It's hard to go to sleep when it's still light out!
So I even put them in bed at 6:30 some days! Haha! Then they finally fell asleep between 8 and 8:30 and I got a good three hours of time alone to read and do dishes. I even showered a couple times. (Seriously, how do single moms do it? When Travis is gone, I'll shower once a week. If all my kids are occupied for ten minutes, I'm not wasting my time SHOWERING!)
Anyway. Now Travis is home so we are lying around. The boys are in underwear, wrapped in blankets, feeling the AC blow on them and occasionally complaining about the heat. Ah summertime, what a treat!


Grey at the pool. I took this right after he bravely jumped into the water! So proud!


My happy Micah riding his bike and making happy faces.


Just lounging. He's so funny, he always tries to recline and is happy just chilling. (Unless he's in his carseat, at which time he strains constantly against the restraints.)

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