Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Family Conversations

Sometimes they are unintentionally dressed the same. So I try to take their picture. And they're like, "How handsome do we look like THIS?"

Micah got a new firefighter costume. He spent the next half hour, pacing around the basement, talking to himself.
"These are the firefighters rules: Rule One, I'm a Firefighter. Rule two, look at my clothes. Rule three, that's how you know I'm a firefighter. Rule four, I do fires. Rule five, don't take your helmet off in a fire, or you'll die. Rule six, you CAN watch tv in a fire. Rule seven, only if you're a firefighter. Rule eight, I AM a firefighter, so I can watch tv in a fire without dying. Other-rule eight, I do fires.

To my grief, August has decided that he loves to watch tv. And in a twist that is both good and bad, he only wants to watch Little Bear. This is good, because Little Bear is the best television show for small people ever made. But it is also bad, because I love it so much that I don't feel that guilty letting him watch it and it never annoys me enough that I'm forced to turn it off. (The same cannot be said of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.)
August asks for Little Bear by saying, "Little Bear, Mama? Little Bear?"
"No, not right now. We aren't going to watch Little Bear," I may say. Then, he puts his hands on my cheeks and opens his eyes wide and says very slowly, "Show. Duck-show. Please."
Because obviously Little Bear's friend Duck is the best character on television (or Youtube, as it were.)

Micah: I feel feelings bumping in me. And it's my heart!

Me: Please be kinder to my baby!
Grey: He's not your baby, he's our baby!
Micah: We grew him underground!

Micah: Grey! You woke me up and it's still dark!
Grey: But I'm so hungry! I want to wake up!
Micah: If you wake me up when it's still night, I will PUSH you out of the house and make you stay outside.

Me: I don't want you guys running in here.
Micah: But other kids are running!
Me: They aren't supposed to. It's important to make good choices, even if the kids around you are ...
Grey: Being disobedient?
Me: Yes. Exactly.
Micah: I wish being disobedient WAS a good choice.

Micah: Arggh! I'm SO ANGRY!
Me: I actually think you mean that you're so HUNGRY.
Micah: Yes! That's right! I'm angry because I'm hungry!

Micah: The Moon is the face of the clouds.

Micah: I want to get out of the tub.
Me: You don't like being in here alone, do you?
Micah: No. Plus, I get the feeling I'm not really alone.

Grey: Those shoes just break my heart, they're so beautiful!

Grey: Wow! These eggs taste even more good than brown sugar!

Grey: How much do you love us?
Me: I love you the most.
Grey: More than you love Katie?
Me: Even more than I love Katie.
Grey: I love Katie more than Micah.
Micah: *nods solemnly*

**Singing a song about God**
Micah: I know that zombies aren't real, but I know they ARE real in a different plan of Heavenly Father's where everyone is not alive!

Micah: What does "make fun" mean?
Me: It's when you tease or make jokes about someone to make them feel bad.
Grey: Like saying, "You haven't been camping, but I have? Haha?"

Grey: Are you off gluten?
Me: Yes, I am.
Grey: Am I still of the gluten side?
Me: The gluten side of what?
Grey: Um. The Food... Process?

Grey: Mom, you look like a boy.
Me: Is that a kind thing to say, that helps me feel good? Or an unkind thing that makes me feel sad?
Grey: But wait, Mom. I wasn't finished. You look like a REALLY HANDSOME boy.

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MARCIE said...

He means you look like Jack! Your boys are hilarious, tho Micah seems a wee bit paranoid.