Thursday, December 10, 2015

Brother Boys

Having twins is really, really fun- two little boys that are the same age, discovering things together, following each other's lead. But BIG brothers are whole different game. It's so fun to see Grey and Micah teaching, helping, and taking care of August. (It's less fun when they harass, tease, and roughhouse with him, but you know life. You take the good with the bad. And when they were good, they were very very good. And when they were bad, they were HORRID. Accurate.)
I loved playing in the leaves and on the swing with Grey and August recently, Grey was so good about pushing his brother and playing with him, that I got to be more photographer than mother for a few minutes.

I love these brother boys! (And our pretty new house, with it's very good-sized yard.)

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mack said...

Is your tree a walnut tree? I'm trying to figure out the gorgeous leaves!