Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good gracious, you have been productive.

I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions. New Year's Phases, more like it. January and half of February Resolutions, maybe.
Sheesh. You quitters. 
I don't even start.

BUT, that being said, our house was messy. Our pillows still smelled like sour milk (and probably baby urine) from me nursing newborns in our bed all hours of the day and night. In boxes under our bed were over a dozen empty picture frames FROM OUR WEDDING. Yeah, they were that old. The babies' closet was filled with overflowing plastic bags that our kids had outgrown. 
And since Travis didn't have to work between Christmas and New Years, I had a help meet in my home at all times. So the cleaning began. 
I began with all the pillows and blankets in our house. Did you know you can put your pillow in the washer and dryer? I did not.
Yeah, they'd never been washed. But now they are. 

I started sorting out the boys' clothes and realized that we have more nb, 0-3mo old clothes than the Baby Gap. Do you want some baby boy clothes?
I counted the number of frames and sizes they were and I started compiling pictures to print out. 
So there was suddenly a picture wall above our tv, I love it.
Oh, and this wall is not new, but I never posted about it, so I will now. These are the pictures above our couch:

Travis cleaned out our kitchen and gave TONS of stuff to Goodwill.
And did you know that I sometimes work as a designer? Not really, but I did design my friend Kelsee's website:

And painted, designed, and created all of these (I am tooting my own horn, here) ADORABLE invites that I am in love with for my friend Claire's baby shower (and lots of decorations that I just can't show off yet):
And now that the holidays are over, I've still got the productive bug, so I managed to finish the top of this quilt for our bed:

So I'm going to send this to my Grandma Mary, who will add a back, batting, and free arm over the top. 

WHAT!? It's awesome, right?
And totally organized my sewing room:

And I made those curtains from some fabric/skirts I bought in Kenya. I love that they're finally on display.

Also, I've been super awesome about meal plans. Want to know what we've eaten this week?
Sunday: Pot roast
Monday: Sesame chicken and broccoli stir-fry
Tuesday: Butternut Squash Risotto
Wednesday: Tortellini with homemade pasta sauce (here's a yummy trick: add a few grated carrots to your red sauce. Suddenly it's like you're eating candy-pasta.)
And tonight? Bulgogi! The meat is already marinating in the fridge.
Oh, and tomorrow we're having stew. 

AND I've been so good about making sure that our house is clean every night before bed. All the dishes are washed. The highchairs and counters are wiped down. Toys are picked up. 
You guys. I've caught the bug.
And man it feels good. I have a to do list a mile high, and every day I cross off another two or three little things. (Did I mention that I finished a hat that I KNIT? No big. Whatever.)
Now if only I could steel myself to call our dang insurance company. I hate them.

Oh, wait. And did I mention that I blogged every week day... almost. And I made you some sweet actions?
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Natalie said...

Nice! A clean house always feels. Where did you find/ how did you do the frames or pictures that are above your couch? I love that look, really puts the emphasis on the picture.

The Lummus Family said...

Your picture wall looks great! What are they printed/mounted on?

Molly S said...

I love it all! I love how bare-bones honest you are about your house. I wish I could get motivated to make sure everything is neat at the end of the day. By 8:30, I'm wiped out. I'd rather sit in filth than pick up Mega Blocks FOR THE 47TH TIME THAT DAY.

But seriously, everything you got accomplished over the past few weeks - WAY TO GO. I'm impressed.

Becky Pitcher said...

Thanks! The pictures above the couch are just 12x12 prints in clip-frames (which you can get an Ikea).
I bought mine though, at because they're crazy cheap.
You have to buy them in a pack though, so we actually have 12 frames, soon there will be four more above our bed.
I also edited the pictures so they each have a ttv edge, like a vignette.

Claire said...

Good gracious, you HAVE been productive! I can't decide which part of this post I like best. Oh wait, yeah I can. The freaking awesome invitations for my baby shower! Becky, I love them! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
But seriously, everything else in this post is incredibly awesome. Especially the curtains. And the quilt. And all the pictures in frames. Yeah, basically everything.

Becky | Apples of Gold said...

This is awesome!! You definitely deserve some kind of reward for getting SO much done. Goodness! I just have one very well behaved little baby girl and I STILL find it super duper hard to accomplish tasks throughout the day. Great job!
(And your invites and curtains are awesome!)

Anonymous said...

Good work. I noticed the collection of what looks like old cameras on the desk. We have some like that.

Natasha and Jesse said...

Wow, everything looks great! I was wondering how you framed/mounted the pictures above your couch, but I see you've already answered that! I love the quilt top- great colors.

Natasha and Jesse said...

And are you really selling/giving away baby clothes? I might be interested once we find out what sex our baby is...

Becky Pitcher said...

@Natasha and Jesse Yes, but keep in mind that most of them are really teeny (most babies don't even wear nb sizes when they're actually newborns) and they've all been through 2 babies, so they're all slightly frumpled and stained.

F as in Frank said...

Wow, I feel so lackluster as a SAH wife. You're home is super cute, especially with all the photos. I love love love that quilt too!

MARCIE said...

What on earth has gotten into you? I am excited for you to be getting so many things done. Awesome curtains! Fresh pillows! Darling invitations! Clean organized home and great meals! And the wonderful quilt! Love all your wall photos! By the way, today I scraped paint off windows, scrubbed cabinets and drawers and vacuumed. Time to hit the sewing room!

Celia said...

I need to pick my chin off the ground because GOOD GRIEF!! Oh man! That is impressive. I love the curtains, and I love LOVE the baby shower invitations. I have seen nothing cuter. Of course, I love the pictures too and everything else you do. And I wish I lived in Provo because I would TOTALLY buy those clothes from you!

Robin said...

Becky, after you make the bulgogi you should let me know how it is and send me the recipe! I LOVE bulgogi and have been searching for a good recipe for ages!