Thursday, January 30, 2014

Conversations with Two- Year Olds

Lately, the boys have begun talking with and to their toys. It's straight out of Toy Story. It's everything I hoped raising little boys would lead to.
Grey has fallen for a giant stuffed bulldog from Ikea. They've had him since their first Christmas, but never paid any attention to him. Now, he needs to sleep with Grey every night, either tucked in under the blankets or being used as a pillow. When we go out, Grey leaves the puppy propped against the window, so he can see us when we get home.
When we left for church on Sunday, Grey crouched down and looked his puppy in it's big, embroidered eyes. "I be home soon, Puppy, okay? Don't be sad, I love you so much." I just about melted. Last night at bedtime I came into the boys' room to find Grey whispering.
"What are you saying?" I asked.
"I'm just talking to my puppy," he said. Sometimes he calls the dog, "My own big Riley," which is the name of my in-laws' dog, but usually he's just "Puppy."
Micah, on the other hand, still carries around a baby doll which he talks to and occasionally for. But he's really gotten into little figurines. I don't even know where most of them came from. My parents' house, probably. There's a little Minnie Mouse, a Superman, Pongo the dog, Han Solo and Chewie, and several little Fischer Price people which are Micah's "brand new friends!"
They carry on lots of conversations.
Yesterday I heard Micah say, "Oh no, Minnie Mouse is asleep. Superman will wake her up."
He leaned his toy Superman in for a kiss, then shouted in a deep grumbly voice, "HEY! Don't you kiss me again!"
"Fine! I'll fight you instead!" (yelled Superman.)
So then they had a very epic fight. Chewie intervened.

A few days ago, we decided to walk the block and a half to get a pizza. Grey carried it the entire way home, saying loudly to everyone we passed, "Hello. Please don't eat my special pizza," or "My mom bought this pizza for me, and not for you."
When we stopped to say hello to a neighbor and her little toddler, Grey carefully handed the pizza to Micah. Then crouched down in front of the little boy and said (very seriously), "Hey. This is my own pizza. It's not for you to eat, okay Buddy?"
Obviously, getting a pizza is a big deal at our house!

And here are some other conversations of the week, I love them. Since I haven't had my phone on me at all times lately, I haven't managed to get them all! But these are my favorites.

**Micah was lying on the couch, dozing off and jerked awake.**
Me: You alright?
Micah: Yeah, I think baby Brother kicked me!

Micah: Grandpa Jim is here at my house, and he has a lot of toys.

Grey: I want to fly in an airplane.
Me: Okay, we'll turn the car into a plane. We're going up into the clouds!
Grey: **Waving out the window**  Hi daddy! Daddy's in an airplane too!

Grey: We're going to our friend's house!
Me: What will you do when you get there?
Grey: I be nice. And I hold their hand and tickle them!
Micah: I'm going to wrestle with my friends!

**Grey was looking at the stretch marks on my stomach**
Grey: Mom, did Micah cut you?
Me: No, those are stretch marks from when you and Micah were in my belly. My skin had to stretch to make room for you.
Grey: And now Baby Brother needs stretch marks, too?

Me: What's your favorite color?
Grey: Green!
Travis: Hmm, what about blue?
Grey: Or what about green, Dad?

Grandpa: Where's Grey?
Me: He went to find Grandma.
Micah: I'm here, though!

Grey: Who are you?
Me: I'm Grandpa.
Grey: You're Mom!
Me: I'm Uncle Jack.
Grey: No, you're Mommy!
Me: No, I'm....
Micah: You're Princess Bubblegum!

Me: Hey, let me wipe your nose.
Grey: **Huge snort.** Don't worry. I slurped it up.

Grey: It's okay. You can flush it all away, okay, Potty?

Micah: Uh-oh! I made a pretty big mess. You better clean it up quickly.

Grey: Mom! It's not quiet time. It's happy time, because the sun went up.

Micah: A monster!
Me: He's a good monster, his name is Chewie.
Micah: ARGH! Chewie's gonna get your guy, Grey!
Me: Oh no, Micah. Chewie is Han Solo's best friend. They don't fight, they protect each other.
Grey: Yeah, Micah! Don't get my Han Solo! Han Solo is going to give Chewie a kiss!

Micah: Look! I think Mickey Mouse's shoes are too tight.

Grey: Micah and I are going out. We'll be back soon.
Micah; I'm going to save Elanor and Tyler.
Grey: I'm going to save daddy.
Micah: I love you, son. Don't worry.
Grey: I love you, Mom. You're not my son.

Me: Well, maybe I can get you a snack. What do you want, crackers or pretzels?
Micah: Hmmm. A plate.
Me: A plate of what?
Micah: ALL the things to snack!

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