Monday, December 1, 2014

Photo a Day: November 16 -29

I'm sorry guys. I didn't mean to completely abandon this blog for an entire week. It just sort of happened, and it was lovely. We went to Arizona to be with my family for Thanksgiving (my sister and grandparents live there), and we went for an entire dreamy, sunshiney week! Honestly, these pictures are not in actual order by date. I'm not even sure when most of them were taken. It's been that kind of week... er, fortnight? (Month?)
Anyway, just as it was lovely to be with family, it is lovely to be home. We all slept in our own snuggly beds last night, and we are headed out tonight for our Christmas tree. So yeah. Things are looking good around here. 

Suddenly it's cold out! // Micah is excavating bones at the dinosaur museum.

Frozen blueberries for the win! // Just exploring on our way down south.

 We were in Arizona approximately one minute before everyone had their feet in the pool.

 Making chocolate cake with Grandma.

So, my cousin Kyle has motorcycles and dirt bikes... like, a lot. They were the favorite toy, obviously.

 My cousin Kyle and my sister Katie took a ride on this extremely noisy Harley.

August and his Great-Grandpa. It's almost impossible to get a picture of August where he doesn't look like this. // Micah + static.

Look who thinks he can crawl!

This is the only picture we managed to snap on Thanksgiving. We were really much too excited to dig right in.

Grey // Mama and boy.

Checking out the Grand Canyon on our way home.

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Emily said...

Oh my heck, that picture of August with the blueberries is the best! It should be on a blueberry commercial because it makes me want to buy blueberries and feed them to a baby :)

Sarah said...

I love August knit hat! Did you make it?

I also really like the last picture you posted. So much wonderfulness in one picture! Thanks for sharing.

MARCIE said...

What's with August in that last photo? Lots of great pics Becky. I loved having you all here!

Unknown said...

I love the picture of Micah and Grey with Grandma making cake! It looks so perfect, and great moment to capture!

Becky Pitcher said...

Haha, August is riding piggy back, obviously! (In the Ergobaby carrier)

Becky Pitcher said...

Thank you! I did knit it.