Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Little People That Live With Me

(Once I started capitalizing words in that title, I just couldn't stop.)
It's been a long time since I've shared any videos with you.
And by that I mean, like two years! So here are two cute videos of my kids from recently.
The first is so short, but freaking INSANE.
Okay, maybe not skydiving out of an airplane with a cello insane, but my 7 month old thinks he's a big kid and I am in serious trouble because he knows how to get what he wants insane.
That's a long, specific type of insanity for a movie.

The second video is a bit longer, but my favorite.
I took it a few weeks ago when the boys and I went to the park with their bestie, Elanor. I began by taking a video of August because he's so blasted cute: and then my other kids were pretty blasted cute, too.

If you start the video, they'll just play one after another. And if you forget to exit out- it will just stream through all of my home movies. You're welcome.

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