Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mountain Lake Campin'

Last weekend, Travis described to me a recent work trip he'd taken into a beautiful national forest - full of mountain lakes and tall trees. "I wish we could go together!" he said. 
"Well, let's go now then," I said.  This was approximately 24 hours after getting my new life-changing diagnoses of Celiacs disease, and frankly- sitting at home, perusing the grocery store, or being visited by sympathetic friends all sounded miserable. 
I made a quick grocery list. Fruits, veggies, chips and salsa, hot dogs (bunless), marshmallows (graham crackerless) and oatmeal, and we were ready to go. Gluten free, check. We didn't actually head up to Ashley National Forest, deciding that the three hour trip wasn't worth it for the overnight trip- instead we drove about an hour and a half north to Washington Lake. We drove up to the campground at 4:30pm, pitched our tent on the last available campsite, and got to work climbing on all the rocks and stumps, building fires, and wandering around the lake. 
Basically, it was perfect and beautiful. 


Polly said...

Last minute and you successfully lassoed friends to go with you and packed gluten free!! Bravo! It looks lovely. Beautiful pictures.

MARCIE said...

These are so daring! Glad you are having fun!